About Our Shop


Daphne's Addiction

On a hiatus from writing, I needed a creative outlet. When my sisters visited from Sacramento, they thought a jewelry making class would be "fun." Rolling my eyes, I went along for the ride. The classes were awful--frustrating and bewildering, but I couldn't let go of the idea and began to youtube easy jewelry projects. The addiction soon took off. Making jewelry is both relaxing and stimulating, a meditation and a creative force. I can't stop. All I want is to find homes for my creations and make enough money to pay for my "habit."

How this works

 I have a few things on consignment at shops, but I mostly sell through shows at my home, and host pre-holiday gift-buying sales. Because this is a joy to do, I ask prices that basically cover materials and very little of my time. I get great joy hearing all the compliments people get when they wear my stuff and I'm busy with word-of-mouth sales. I make all my pieces to order at no extra charge, so size and color are totally flexible and I guarantee my work. Enjoy!